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PT. Agung Trans Sejahtera (ATS) always strives to provide the best service to all customers, please check the prices of our services as your consideration. Please contact 0813 8737 7717 for more information.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Prices can change at any time without prior notice.
  2. The above rates do not include other costs such as: Escort, Lift on and Lift off, loading and unloading costs.
  3. If uninsured shipments are lost or damaged, they will only be replaced for a maximum of 5 times the shipping cost.
  4. For liquid / glass / porcelain & fragile goods, if there is damage, it is beyond our responsibility.
  5. If the goods whose packaging is not strong or imperfect, then it is damaged or lost, it cannot claim compensation.
  6. If the goods arrive late at their destination, compensation cannot be claimed.
  7. Goods in the form of fruit / food / medicine, if there is damage due to delay in delivery is the risk of the sender.
  8. Valuable goods such as jewelry, spare parts, machinery, electronics, printing of fabrics / garments and which include expensive goods must be insured by the sender, if not insured it is the sender’s risk.
  9. The sender is fully responsible for the cost of shipping and the contents of the goods.
  10. The company does not provide compensation for damages caused by unforeseen events (force majeure).
  11. The sender and recipient are deemed to have agreed to all of the above rules.
  12. For bulk shipments, please send us an email. And we will give you the best offer.
  13. For shipping rates from areas that have not been listed, please contact us first by providing clear and detailed information.